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The child's (Jacey's) parents are Gossett's son and Rowland's daughter, and have died in a . The Color of Love: Jacey's Story Poster . See full summary » . Orphaned after an accident, Jacey (Penny Bae Bridges) is put under the care of her grandmother, Georgia Porter (Gena Rowlands), a white Southern woman . The Color of Love: Jacey's Story (2000) Gena Rowlands & Louis Gossett Jr. star as grandparents having to deal with racial tension and history when an accident . •4 Whoopi Goldberg, who won an Oscar for her role in the 1990 movie Ghost, made 67 movies; . and starred in the TV movie The Color of Love: Jacey's Story. . EBONY FASHION FAIR WANTS YOU TO APPLY IMMEDIATELY! Outstanding female, male and Full-figured models are needed for the tour starting August 2000. Location filming and a good story make this pleasant entertainment. . way to Cheyenne 518 Brokeback Mountain Cinemac Films, 2005. 134 min. Color. . Sarah Hyslop Jacey Kenny, Jerry Callagan, Cayla Wolever, Cheyenne Hill, Jake . boss, with whom he has fallen in love, against her ranch foreman, the real culprit. Love: Stories about the battle between head and heart, Featuring Jacqueline Trumbull and . Part 1: Born without a right pectoral muscle due to Poland syndrome, John . ExplicitAbortion: Stories from doctors and patients - Part 1, Featuring Jacey . Means Necessary, When comedian Aparna Nancherla's science fair pro… This story is full of both exciting fights and touching moments of recognition Don't breathe a word to a soul, not even to fair Penelope.' . jacey — March 25, 2009 . a kill all of the people in the room. i have seen parts of a movie about this but it i love this story my only regret is its not the whole story cuz its one worth . The story of a boy suddenly alone in the world. The men who challenge him, and the girl who helps him become a man. -- absolutely love this movie … saw it in .

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